About Me

Matthew, Jake, and Sarah

Matthew, Jake, and Sarah


Why I am a Photographic Artist


          I'm Matt Allard, and I'm a Renaissance Soul.  I am a photographer because I enjoy being creative, having a spirit of adventure, creating printed media, images, and especially finding meaning behind what is seen, which can often be very personal.  I am passionate about the outdoors and the natural world, and an advocate for preservation of the natural resources we have been gifted with.   The worst conditions in nature can often reveal beauty, and I believe the same is true throughout our life experiences, which draws an important parallel.  I live in Middletown, CT with my two children Jake and Sarah, who help me each day to ask myself: did I live, did I love, and did I matter today?

          I have a diverse background extending beyond photography and creating printed work, leading to a better understanding of our context within the world around us.  During my time in the military, as well as an EMT, I have learned how important it is to me to be of service to others.  One of my biggest passions, and part of who I am is that I truly enjoy helping others, whether through my work as an EMT on an ambulance, teaching, sharing knowledge to empower others, helping someone in achieving a goal, or helping to give someone a second chance.  I am a big advocate for community, and I believe that every individual should have an opportunity to thrive with the right resources.  I hope this body of work inspires you.



Matthew Allard

Middletown, CT

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
— Theodore Roosevelt