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About My Work


Why I am a Photographic ArtisT

          What inspires me, and why do I do what I do with purpose?  I have always been attracted to visual imagery, with a keen sense of form, pattern, angles, and most of all how light reveals and presents these aspects of imagery to us as humans and observers.  Sometimes all that is needed to see this magic revealed is to simply look with an open mind, and a willingness to understand that there are so many interrelated aspects of the world we live in.  It is often a great challenge to channel all of the beauty revealed by light onto such a limited medium, like a piece of paper or canvas for example.  The process itself reveals that the artist must always make some sort of compromise, but to never compromise the vision or the purpose of a particular piece, or what it is intended to reveal to the viewer.  

          My earliest memory with a camera is with an old 35mm, studying the form and pattern of gardens around my childhood home.  Noticing the diversity in color, light and dark contrast, and how the relationships between different elements can seem simple and complex at the same time. I began to wonder whether light reveals these qualities simply for our enjoyment, because the qualities are interesting and visually appealing, or if there is a deeper meaning or lesson to be learned in the harmony of life, how each element has it’s purpose, but at the same time is part of a greater whole which would cease to function without each individual voice.  As time passed and I ventured out, I was stopped in my tracks one day at the sight of a small waterfall in a local town nearby.  It was almost as if it had revealed itself to me that day to allow me to understand the vast and endless possibilities of all that could be.  As I came to love capturing the mystery, and beauty of waterfalls, and the art of printing and manifesting my vision, the thought of that waterfall stayed in my mind, as a constant reminder to tell the story which nature reveals without compromise.

          The photographer can only capture a brief moment in time, or in the case of a waterfall or river, a brief period in time, as timeless and dynamic water imparts its everlasting wisdom on solid rock, forever frozen in time.  The universe constantly changes and adapts throughout time, endlessly revealing a new self.  When my shutter opens, I stop time at that very moment in the universe, that significant moment is captured and immortalized forever, never to be seen again in our reality, and only in my interpretation as I recreate it.  I have visited many sites over and over again throughout years of time, never to see the same vision or reality again.  Just like the universe, we all have the ability to adapt and change, to reveal new qualities over the span of our lives, and to be our best selves at any given moment in time.  Maybe that change over time is through the impression or wisdom of others imparted upon us, like water to rocks, or maybe that change comes upon us internally, after deep thought and introspection into ones purpose in this lifetime that was given to us.  

          All of the work in this portfolio starts on large format black and white professional film.  I use film partly because I love the craft, and it is a natural substance that I can manipulate, similar to the physical world I am photographing.  I also understand how it reacts to light, how to create my vision of what I see and want the viewer to see, and it fills a critical human need for sense of order and simplification.  I want to dynamically skew the reality that the viewer knows, the reality we all know, that aligns with our preconceived expectations, our assumptions and prejudices, and to recreate a reality that instills into the viewer all that is infinitely possible. 

          In viewing the photographic artwork that I have created, my greatest achievement would be for the observer to take an active role in viewing, and to participate with a small pause in their life for introspection.  I ask that each viewer take moment as they evaluate a particular piece, to imagine how it might reflect or parallel a current or past aspect of your life, a relationship in your life, someone in need, or something that you wish to accomplish.  To not simply see a landscape, or tranquil water for what they are on the surface, but to conscientiously look for deeper meaning and purpose in ones own life and self while viewing the particular piece.  We are all very skilled at critically evaluating our external world, and the others around us, and I find it interesting that we can often be most afraid to use our intuition, to evaluate what is actually within us, which is our greatest strength and achievement, the one thing we have complete control over, our authentic self.  We all have a purpose, and infinite potential locked inside of us, and I believe that we have the power to become as we think as we go into the unknown.  I hope this work sparks the start of a journey for you, helps you on your way, gives you a second chance, or speaks to you in some way as it spoke to me in creating it.



Matthew Allard

Middletown, CT

Are you being defined by a vision of the future, or a memory of the past?
— Joe Dispenza